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Posture for Change

She Stands is a movement founded on the idea that girls and women should never have to apologise for taking up space. We raise awareness around the impacts of gender stereotyping on posture and create trainings to shape a more gender equal society.

Our mission is for females to grow up feeling at home in their bodies with the confidence to stand tall and own their space - from young girls in school to women in the workplace.


What do WE STAND for?

We believe in a society where every woman and girl feels at home in her body.

Where women and girls never feel the need to apologise for taking up space.

We want all females to be fully seen and heard, to know how to stand up for themselves and other women.

We believe posture is key to this.

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Is SHE STANDS for you?

SHE STANDS is for women who want to create change, for themselves or those around them.

SHE STANDS supports any woman or girl that has ever felt unconfident, discriminated against, unhappy or unsafe in their bodies.

SHE STANDS is for parents and carers who want their daughter to grow up confident, happy and in a more equal society than they did.

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What do 

we offer?

We run workshops and training sessions for all age groups.  Read more about them here or get in touch to find out what's right for you.

Festival of The Girl

Aimed to inspire and engage girls aged 7-11 years, Festival of The Girl explores topics like body positivity, health and careers through workshops and activities.

Women of the Workplace

These training sessions explore how posture impacts confidence, communication and wellbeing and provide women with practical tools.

Teens Take a Stand

We work with schools to create programmes that give teen girls the tools they need for good posture, physical wellbeing and confidence.

The Mum Movement

We've created posture trainings specifically for mums so they can feel at home in their bodies and be fully seen and heard.

Young Women Lead the Way

Our Young Women in Leadership programme, focused on graduates and women entering the workforce, offers tailored workshops, mentoring, work placement and live briefs.


Who we work with

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Raising Awareness

Our founder Abi Wright raises awareness about posture and gender equality through her inspirational talks and public speaking.  Get in touch to book her to speak at an event, school or corporate function.


Abi says: "There are so many things in life we can't control - but we can control how we hold our bodies and how we feel about ourselves.  Good posture can help us feel confident, own our space and move towards a more gender equal society."

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