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Festival of

The Girl

Festival of The Girl

We’re proud to be the co-founder of Festival of The Girl, a not-for-profit initiative that aims to inspire and educate girls aged 7 to 11 years through family festivals, events and workshops (both live and virtual).


Festival of The Girl takes place in October, in celebration of International Day of The Girl, and is a thriving hub of education, resources and role models. 


Through a range of speakers, workshops and activities, the event explores topics like body positivity, physical and mental health, and careers. It also supports parents and carers to raise their girls in a less stereotyped way. 


We were thrilled to host our first festival on Saturday 5th October 2019 in Tower Hamlets. 

Here's a sneak peek into the day:

Why ages 7-11?

These years are pivotal in development for girls as they’re increasingly influenced by societal and peer pressures. Statistics show that by 11 years old, girls are already struggling with issues such as low self-esteem and body image. 


It’s these girls we want to impact, especially before they’re exposed to secondary school and phones and social media start to have an effect.

Festival of the Girl helps girls and their families have conversations about these difficult topics in a fun and accessible way.  

"My girls haven't stopped talking about it since. Warm, welcoming, interesting, fun, challenging, the perfect afternoon out." - Parent

"I learnt you can always be what you want to be.  I learnt to me myself." - Girl


For more information and details on upcoming festivals please visit


"It's simple: you can only be what you can see.  So let's surround our girls with inspiring role models and empower them to create a future of equal opportunity, a future where a woman's worth is not judged by her appearance, a future where they feel safe.

The future is theirs."

Abi Wright, Co-Founder, Festival of The Girl

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