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We're standing on the shoulders of the women who came before us.  Let's stand tall for the women coming after.

She Stands was created by Abi Wright after her first daughter was born in 2017. 


“When Margot was born I started to reflect on my own life and upbringing, as many new parents do,” says Abi. “I became aware of just how much I’d allowed my need for approval, my lack of confidence, and my fear of failing to hold me back.


“I started to see this was to do with how our society treated me as a female. I’d allowed myself to shrink to fit in and constantly apologise for taking up space. I didn’t want this for Margot so I needed to make a change.


“That change had to start with me.”


With 20 years experience in Alexander Technique, yoga and coaching, Abi created a movement founded on girls and women never having to apologise for taking up space.

In 2019, Abi co-founded Festival of The Girl, a not-for-profit initiative whose ambition is to inspire and engage girls of primary school age to realise their full potential. Being the first festival of its kind means they are reaching girls all over the UK and the world, and creating a lasting impact by inspiring future leaders in all sectors, industries, and endeavours.


Understanding that there was still so much to be done to create an equal society Abi co-founded Arrive in Politics in 2021.

SHE STANDS for Margot and Nancy


Abi wants her daughters Margot and Nancy to grow and develop surrounded by strong women in a world that supports and nourishes them.


In building confident women, there will be more role models to inspire children everywhere.


Role models that help them see they are defined not by gender nor looks, but by hard work, determination and skill – free to choose whatever role they want, whether that’s stay-at-home mum, lawyer or astronaut.

We’re standing on the shoulders of the women who came before us. Let’s stand tall for the women coming after.

Abi Wright

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