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Mother with her Baby

The Mum Movement

Why we stand with (and love) mums

Becoming a mum changes everything. For nine months, our bodies experiences huge change. We may suffer sickness, back and pelvic girdle pain and exhaustion.


Then we face recovering from childbirth and managing those first months with a new baby. Sleep deprivation, prolapse, struggles with breastfeeding, and having to constantly pick up/put down (if they let you) a baby takes a toll.


And that’s just the physical. Emotionally, we’re thrust into new territory where the societal expectations, judgments and pressures are impossible to ignore. We have entered the world of motherhood.

Mother and Son

So why are we so passionate about offering mums posture training?

We know how inspiring all mums are – and we want them to know it, too.


When our founder, Abi, became a mum for the first time she saw the impact it had on her posture and physical wellbeing. But she also struggled with the weight of society’s judgments and expectations.


Working with other mums, she created a course that helps women to feel physically stronger and shows how society’s messages impact them.


“As parents, we are role models - if we want our children to love their bodies, we need to love our bodies," says Abi.  "If we want them to feel confident in who they are, we need to feel confident in who we are.  If we want them to stand up for themselves and others, we need to do the same. By having good posture and feeling in control of our health and happiness we can gift that to our children.”


What our

workshops cover

We tailor our workshops to the groups we’re working with – from brand new mums or mothers returning to work.


Here are some of the areas we cover:

  • looking after your body when holding baby, changing nappies, feeding etc

  • becoming aware of negative postural habits and how to change them

  • learning tools to build strength, help recovery and aid physical wellbeing

  • gaining confidence and self-esteem as women, not just mums

  • learning the skills to stand tall so our children will too.

On your feet!

We hate sitting down for too long so we will have our mums on their feet and moving (or even lying down!) for much of our time together. 


The best way to learn is by doing, so in these sessions we will do just that.


Whether you’re an individual or company, get in touch to learn more about The Mum Movement. 

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