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Teens Take

a Stand

Why do we work with teenagers?

Being a teenage girl is tough. As well as the rollercoaster of puberty, they’re living with the pressure to look and act in a certain way. There are the stresses of school, exams and their futures. And on top of all that, there’s social media. 


Is it any surprise many teenagers hate the way they look, and feel disconnected from their bodies?


Self-esteem for teenage girls is at an all time low. We have to take a stand.

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How can we help?

Many of our postural habits are created as teenagers, from rounding our shoulders to sucking in our stomachs. These habits have a huge impact on our wellbeing and confidence not only as teenagers but as adults too.


At She Stands, we want to give these girls the tools they need to break their insecurities, strengthen their self-esteem and forge their place in the world. 

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How do we do it?

We work with secondary schools to create programmes

for girls aged 13-14 on posture, confidence, physical wellbeing and knowledge of gender stereotyping.


We build our programmes in collaboration with each school we work with, via workshops for both students

and teachers.


When working with these students, we help them:

  • gain knowledge on the importance of good posture and its impact

  • understand how puberty and school and societal pressures are impacting their posture, physical health and happiness

  • understand how they are communicating via their bodies and posture

  • become aware of how gender stereotyping is impacting them, and

  • feel inspired to stand tall for themselves and others and feel confident.


When working with teachers, we bring them:

  • understanding of the programme for students and the tools we use

  • personal development created around the impact and pressure society has on women, teachers, working mums etc.

  • teaching and tools to carry on the She Stand movement

  • awareness of the importance of being a role model.

On your feet!

We hate sitting down for too long so we will have the girls and teachers on their feet and moving (and sometimes lying down!) for much of our time together.  


The best way to learn is by doing, so in these sessions we will do just that.


Whether you’re a parent, teacher or school, if you want to learn more about Teens Take a Stand, please get in touch. 

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