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Guest Speaker

She Stands

in Politics

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In partnership with Fast Forward 15, She Stands in Politics is committed to closing the political gender gap by encouraging young women to take up a career in politics and support each other in the pursuit of a more equitable future.


Our Mission

To inspire and encourage young women to pursue a career in politics.


To provide a mentorship structure for young women who want to begin or advance their career in politics.


To build a cross-party network of women who want to work together to solve the biggest issues facing our country. 


To connect with young girls all over the country and empower them to realise their potential to lead and create change.

Support Group

Claiming their space

By prioritising wellbeing, mentorship and network building for women entering politics, we hope to change the nature of political collaboration.  For centuries, men have benefitted from the privilege of exclusive spaces, forcing women and other marginalised groups to choose between conforming to or working against the system. 


The women who participate in our programming come from all parties and backgrounds and will leave with contacts and relationships to sustain future collaborations.  Not only that but they will have impacted the girls of the future through our She Stands for Girls initiative. 


It’s time for women to claim their collective space. 


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